Alccd5 phd guiding with webcam

Alccd5 phd guiding with webcam

Jul 01,  · A 50mm finder/guider is well suited to webcams for guiding. I found stars easily with the SPC webcam and the signal to noise was fairly good. I also use a PS3 eye webcam which can expose longer than 3 secs although the noise is terrible. I reduce the noise by taking a dark frame with PHD and use the noise reduction setting in the brain dialog. A webcam or ordinary CCD camera. Any spare ccd camera or webcam can be pressed into service as a guider camera. I use Toucam webcams for this - and the rest of this article will involve webcam guiding. These devices work in tandem with a computer. The star image is obtained in one of two ways. Getting the Most Out of PHD2 Guiding (Video) Recently Andy Galasso sat down with The Astroimaging Channel to discuss PHD2 via Google Hangouts. You can watch the session here. Jul 15,  · Page 1 of 2 - PHD Guiding and On-Camera Guiding - posted in Mounts: I have a Lodestar autoguider and so far Ive been unable to get the camera talking to the mount through the autoguider port on my CGEM. I can get communication between the camera and the mount through the hand controller cable but then I cant use my Starry Night program without first disconnecting from PHD Guiding.I had . 5 Tips for Better PHD2 Guiding. PHD2 is a telescope autoguiding software that automates the process of tracking a guide star. This is an important aspect of deep sky astrophotography because it allows you to focus on capturing successful long exposure images and get the most out of your telescope mount.. PHD2 is easy enough for a beginner to use right away, yet also includes sophisticated Author: Trevor. PHD has become a fixture of the amateur astronomy community with more than a quarter million downloads. From its inception, it has successfully embraced three seemingly conflicting objectives: 1. For the beginning or casual imager, to deliver ease of use and good guiding performance "out of the box" 2. Long-exposure webcam via Parallel port; SBIG support Virtually any SBIG camera can be used. However, there are a few caveats to be aware of. If your camera has two sensors and one is used in PHD Guiding, the other will not be accessible from another program. In addition, PHD Guiding downloads full-frames by default. While this is not an issue. Old Eyetoy webcam (playstation 2 game) fitted in a 3D printed case accepting Canon EF lenses. Cheap orion eq-1 mount with DIY plate for mounting a DSLR with zoom lens. Laptop with PHD guiding Some pics of the setup: Pic1 Pic2 Pic2. Quick image from yesterday: Veil nebula 07/06/ Ugly image, but it was just to test the mount.

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Email Friend. The main factor in getting great images was fast frame rates and good seeing conditions. Orion's Telescope Buyer's Guide is a great place to start. Orion binoculars are known for quality optics at a great price. You even get instructions in PDF form on how to use the camera. This works well on the test bench and I am almost ready to test outside.

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Hope it helps. PS - still didn't get to take any exposures "Interesting. Wipe the lens gently in a circular motion, then remove any excess fluid with a fresh lens tissue. Firstly a quick newbie hello - I'm Stuart, have been doing some astrophotography when I can for the last couple of years, based in London but do my imaging in Spain. You're already on our email list, so you'll continue to be the first to hear about our new products and special offers.

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By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Autoguider capability. Includes 2 locking thumbscrews and is threaded for filters. Tutorial autoguida: PHD Guiding Ad un certo punto della mia vita di astrofotografo, come tanti altri, mi sono trovato a combattere con i parametri di guida di PHD!! Questo potrebbe essere controproducente, dato che potrebbero essere correzioni influenzate dal seeing oltre che dalla stella guida. Visit the StarShoot AutoGuider product support section to download software and drivers. Nighthound Nighthound Cream of the Crop. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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